Thursday, 16 June 2011

not a failure.

in time of stress as a professional,
these tips will help...

remember doctor, you are a Doctor

in all dental designs, be an Engineer

in your capacity, work with Nature

as in reality, all your work is Temporary

when people need help, use your Initiative

in all your endeavour, be your Self

the best reliable companion in healing, is Time

Dr. Dzulkhaini Hj Husain

i love the sentence for letter T.
everything's temporary. it's okay if you fail today.
because you are not yet a failure.
but, you are just a late winner :)

tiba-tiba teringat kat kawan-kawan. macam mana la keadaan mereka ya? saya pernah rasa macam mana stress nya terpaksa menghadap buku tatkala orang lain sedang riang ria bercuti. heh..moga kuat, Allah sentiasa bersama anda :)

miss you all :')

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