Monday, 17 October 2011

wrong is wrong. make it right.

"I haven't found any entry in Islam that permit what you are doing right now. I haven't heard from anyone that love before marriage is permitted. But i know there's no relationship between male and female except for what is very important and official between them. So, may i know what kind of relationship you are having now and i want to hear it from your mouth that it is legal in what you have been learning untill now. My sweetheart, if you want to build a family, a faithful one, you can never build it on what Allah has stated as wrong and proven false by the way Rasulullah has taught us. A happy and blessed family come from Allah, and you don't even have anything to defend it as blessed if the first step you make is by stepping into what He has prohibited. You can't have a happy family if Allah doesn't help you so, and you must know in every family that stands until their dying day, they have Allah on their side. You can't expect Him to help you if you did the wrong step from the very beginning..."

-excerpt from an article-

thank you.
may Allah bless us..

next: trying to focus on my study. ingat pesan ibu. go for it! :)

oh ya. kempen "Anda Bijak Jauhi Zina" sedang berlangsung di FPg. memang kena pada masa. heh.


Anonymous said...

Just one more additional point sbab many people are like "mak ayah aku couple gak, tapi sekarang baik je,"

if it was built on wrong foundation and you didn't know that - please know that Allah is all merciful and compassionate.

Now steer back your route to the path of submission. Lots of family, the previous generations didn't know that, but Alhamdulillah Allah has shed the light onto them.

The cases speak for itself. My parents - they didn't come from a religious background(except for my Dad, he was a rebel and his father died when he was 10 so he's kinda different) My mum was not even wearing hijab before she got married.

But now, when they contacted their long lost friends, everybody was surprised of their appearances, and I am glad.


The point I am making here, is you know what you do is wrong but you still do it, and expecting it to be "waived" in front of Allah later on due to his mercy that is flat out wrong.
Just sharing :)

nora said...
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Anonymous said...

every people have their own to change it?its only you

hanimyusra said...

islam itu mudah dan memudahkan..

Zara Ninomiya said... matter what people are trying to deny, there is one thing that they cannot deny: to seek for Allah blessing in everything that we do.

well done for the campaign!the campaign should be around forever because the law is applied forever till the end.